About the

The Megamanathon for Child's Play and the IWK is an annual fundraiser performed by Adam Strickland in which money is raised for the children at the IWK Health Center through Child's Play, an accredited charity set up to buy sick and hospitalized children toys and videogames to help make their stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

Donations are tax deductible. Donations can be made at The Last Game Store or via the widget above.

You can also purchase raffle tickets at the last game store for prizes. See the Facebook page for more details on the prizes.

The People

Adam Strickland

The progenitor of the event, Adam Strickland is a Megaman series superfan and connoisseur. He's been playing every game of the series since childhood and is well versed in the lore, trivia, and, most importantly, level/boss design of each game.

When he's not piloting the Blue Bomber in one of his incarnations, Adam co-operates a BlueWater Recycling Depot keeping the Earth a bit greener.


Adam Perry

Owner/Operator of The Last Game Store who has helped foster this event, provided venue for Megamanathon 1 and 2 and has helped Adam Strickland out in numerous ways to get this event started and ongoing.

Adam Perry has operated the iconic store(and formerly one in Dartmouth) for over 11 years, and has fostered and helped along many gaming communities and community events in HRM by volunteering his time, effort and resources.


Real O'Neil

Réal is the designer/maintainer of this website. An Acadian from the southwest shore, he shares a fandom of retro gaming and volunteered his time to use his increasingly rusty website design/maintenance skills and his underused domain/server to help with the cause.

Réal also occasionally lends a hand with designing posters, logos or publicity material.

Problem with the website? Let him know.



The Last Game Store

Halifax's iconic retro gaming and gaming collectibles store, The Last Game Store is assisting with fundraising, providing a venue, and an internet connection for the stream. Swing by at the store at the Lacewood Bus Terminal on the corner of Lacewood and Willett and you can purchase raffle tickets for prize draws.


What is Megaman?

The classic Mega Man series consists of ten main titles including the original game, as well as all Game Boy and PC titles featuring the original design of Mega Man. The classic series is considered to be the origin of the story, with Mega Man being the first installment, and continuing with ten direct sequels. Chronologically after Mega Man 8 comes Mega Man & Bass, followed by Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10.

Although the classic series has yet to reach an ending, the storyline shifts to the Mega Man X series, followed by the Mega Man Zero series, Mega Man ZX and Mega Man Legends.

--source wikipedia

The Megaman(Rockman in Japan) series is a long running video game series, originally on the Nintendo Entertainment System, well known for its high difficulty and iconic characters.

The series involves the titular protagonist Megaman, a childlike blue robot with an arm mounted cannon, going through multiple themed levels, headed by a "Robot Master" character(in the original series, all suffixed by 'man'). Once the robot master is defeated, Megaman inherits its power.